Soapzilla products are hand-crafted in Atlanta, Georgia. We strive to make great products out of great ingredients, and to have fun while we do. We make a wide variety of soaps, from unscented beeswax and honey soap to craft beer soap and everything in between, as well as lip balm, bath salts and sugar scrubs. There are a few things that we guarantee to be the same in all our products, though: we never, ever use any animal products except for honey, beeswax and milk, which are local and raw. Our soap maker is also a Master Gardener, a honey judge and a certified Master Beekeeper, so we are adamant that all the honey and beeswax we use is produced from local hives (often our own) that have never been treated by chemicals in any way, and our botanicals are often home-grown and always chemical-free. All that being said, we try not to take ourselves too seriously, and we're really just trying to make awesome soap that feels good. Raar!